$10 Million Tobacco Verdict with No Fault on Smoker

$10 Million Tobacco Verdict with No Fault on Smoker

Alex Alvarez Tobacco Verdicts

Alex Alvarez, Philip Holden, Michael Alvarez and Nick Reyes have made a historic no-fault win and $10 million for their client. The Alvarez Law Firm represented Mary Howles, a long-time smoker, who suffers from emphysema and lung cancer due to the fault and conspiracies of Philip Morris and R.J Reynolds. In the late 50s, Mrs. Howles began smoking as a teenager. After a period of time, she switched from her filtered cigarettes to light and low-tar cigarettes, trusting they were safer. The fact that Mrs. Howles switched brands over the years shows she relied on the claims that tobacco companies had created  “safer” cigarettes. Tobacco giants created a world of normalcy for their product. Mrs. Howles was addicted due to the presence of nicotine in all cigarettes, and was only able to quit after many attempts. Mrs. Howles proved at trial that she was just like many other smokers who believed the tobacco companies’ advertisements and misinformation about filtered, light and low tar cigarettes, ultimately leading to lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Alvarez Law Firm was assisted at trial by Dan Smith of Legaleze, with all facets of trial presentation.






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