Pharmaceutical Cases / Medical Device Claims FAQs


Do I have to have copies of the receipts or prescriptions to prove I used the drug?

No. With your authorization, we can obtain records of the medications that were dispensed to you from your local pharmacy. This will help us document exactly what drugs were prescribed and in what dosage.


Do I have to file suit or make a claim against the doctor that prescribed the medication?

No. Usually the drug companies keep vital safety information about the drug from your doctor. Your doctor unwittingly may prescribe the unsafe medication based on the information from the drug companies that the medication was safe.


What if I was taking more than one prescription medication? How can we prove that a particular drug caused my injury?

This is an important issue. Drug companies will often argue that the condition was not caused by their drug but was pre-existing or caused by another medication. Retaining very skilled physicians and scientists who will carefully research the effects of all the medications you were taking and how those drugs interacted with each other is key to proving your case.


Please note that the above answers to these questions should not be construed as legal advice, as all situations differ, and you should always consult the advice of an lawyer before making any decisions regarding injury claims or other legal matters referred to herein. These answers are intended to provide general information only.


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